We also specialise in vat refrigeration in South East NSW

Being based in South East NSW, there are many local farms in the area. Farms of course have quite unique needs when it comes to refrigeration and electricity, with specialist equipment needing regular servicing and attention. Here at Austin Air Conditioning, we can providing servicing for vat refrigeration systems and can provide technical assistance for feed controllers, roller mills and milking plants.

Vat refrigeration set up in South East NSW

Vat refrigeration servicing

Many farms rely heavily on their vat refrigeration systems, so it is important to organise regular servicing and maintenance to ensure optimum functionality. With our expertise, we can locate any potential problems before they cause the system to malfunction. If you are already experiencing problems with your vat refrigeration system, we have access to a wide range of parts to effectively repair your system. Contact us in NSW for swift assistance.

Generator installations

Running out of power on a farm can be catastrophic. So we recommend installing a series of back up generators that will take over as soon as power is lost. Our team in South East NSW can supply and install a variety of different generators depending on your requirements.

If you are a farm owner and have any questions about the services that we can provide, we will be more than happy to answer your questions. Simply call us today!