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Here at Austin Air Conditioning, we deal mostly with the Daikin brand of air conditioners. To us Daikin encompasses everything you could want from an air conditioner. It is energy efficient, durable, great value for money and of course very cold! We are dedicated to providing a complete air conditioning service, so that includes recommending a good quality air conditioner for your needs. Two of our most popular models are explained in detail below. If these fit your requirements, our team will be able to install them for you in your home in South East NSW.

Finished air conditioning service in South East NSW

Daikin Split Systems

A Daikin Split System will air condition one room or an area of your home. Discreet wall-mounted models, compact floor consoles and versatile floor and ceiling units are all part of the Daikin range.

Split Systems are available in either cooling only or heating & cooling, plus you can choose from inverter, fixed speed and non-inverter models.

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Daikin Ducted Systems

A Daikin Ducted System provides air conditioned comfort to new and existing homes. The indoor unit is usually located in the ceiling or under the floor with flexible ductwork distributing conditioned air through vents located throughout the house, whereas, the compressor is installed outside the home.

Daikin Ducted Systems can be designed to operate in two or more zones, which can be heated or cooled at different times.

This means you can operate your air conditioning system in the living area during the day and in the bedrooms at night saving you money on energy costs.